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Salto is a non-profit that provides critical support for Venezuelans hoping to rebuild their lives abroad.


Leaping with Salto: The people we have helped:
Some examples of people who has new lives because of Salto.


Johangel, Engineer:

Johangel Is living in Santiago, Chile, on our apartment until he can move out. He got a job in less than a week and is currently helping others and sending money to his family back in Venezuela. He also received a plane ticket to move out of Venezuela.

Laura, Chemist:

Laura is currently in the Canary Islands in Spain. She shares her perspective about how living abroad has changed her situation and how she is much better now.


Luis, Engineer

Luis is an engineer from Valera who lives in Santiago. He’s now working hard in his area, happy and relaxed in Santiago, planning to help his family back in Venezuela. He arrived in Santiago thanks to the Salto Project.

Leonardo, waiter

Leonardo is a former restaurant manager from Maracaibo. These days he’s working hard in Santiago to help his family back home and he tells us his story. He is in Santiago thanks to Salto.

Elías, illustrator:

Elías a graphic designer and illustrator got help from Salto Project, we gave him advice in immigration paperwork. He tells us how his creativity bloomed in Santiago.

Zaidee, artist

Zaidee, an artist and grandmother at 65 is starting a new life in Chile, having hope again thanks to the Salto Project.


José Gregorio, Marolyn and Luz in Lima, surgeon, stylist, student

A whole family has a new opportunity in life thanks to the Salto Project.


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